The tinks we do for our kids !!!

Its been awhile since I have had time to update the blog but here is what has been going on. I spent this last weekend in Ohio with Joey and the OCU wrestling team. It started out that I was not going to get to go to senior nationals because Joey wasn't released to wrestle till 2 weeks after the tournament. I had decided to work my vacation to make extra money to take Joey to Iowa to qualify for the world team trials in a few weeks. Her doctor that operated on her happened to watch Joey practice the Tuesday be for the team was to leave on Wednesday and decided to go ahead and release her. She was so excited when she called me but was nervous because she was still out of shape and her timing was off. I told her to go and see how things went.I talked to Joeys coach and I decided to help drive the team to Ohio. I finished work Tuesday and left Wednesday evening. It was 2 1/2 hours to Oklahoma City then 17 hours to Cleveland. There was 11 girls and 7 guys that went. There was 2 of us to drive the bus. Off we go ..... When we got there they weighed in and we went to the motel to get ready for the tournament the next morning. Joey Pinned her first girl and was done for the first day. I was happy with how she wrestled. The next day Joey wend against the #1 seed (Joey was seeded #4). Joey has wrestle Jessica Medina a couple of times before so I knew that it was going to be a tough match even if Joey was in shape. Joey wrestled pretty good but lost which put her on the back side of the bracket. She won her next match which put her in the 3rd place match. She wrestled a familiar foe from last year (Gabby Henry). Joey didn't wrestle very good on that match and ended up losing but overall I was happy about how the shoulder held up and am really looking forward to world team trials and glad that Joey has a couple of months to get back into shape. The OCU team did good as a team and should do good in Iowa. While we was there I got to do a sight seeing, The Browns stadium and the rock and roll hall of fame was walking distance from our motel so i took off in the misty cold day to take some pictures and see what Cleveland had to offer. It was really worth the walk. The rock and roll museum was 22.00 to see all of it so I just went in the entrance a looked around the free stuff. I knew I didn't have enough time to get my 22.00 worth. I got some good pictures though. Next time i want to go through the hall of fame and take the time to look around. After the tournament was over we headed back to Oklahoma at 4:00 PM in the rain. We drove all night and made it home around 9:00. I then loaded up my car and drove 2 1/2 hours back to Woodward. i got back around 12:30 the went straight to work and worked 7 hours before going home. I had missed Novells Birthday and her birthday party so I stayed up and watched Avatar with her (I had her pick it up as a b-day present from me). When I finally got to bed I think I didn't move all night till I got up at 7:00 when I had to get up to take Madison to school. Other that that it was a normal weekend for the Millers. That about it ...Till next time.


Latest news

Its been awhile since I have had time to update....So here goes. Madison finally won a match. She won 2 matches last weekend in Clinton at the USGWA tournament. She lost 3 but won 2. We moved Joey into her apartment 2 weeks ago (who would think a collage kid could have so much stuff) Madison's wrestling coach took aload for us and we got her all moved in. Novell pulled a muscle in her back and it took a few days to get over that. We ended up with Joeys dog since she moved into a apartment and couldn't bring a pet. Saber is a 6 month old pit bull dog that still thinks she is a little puppy. She weighs 38lbs and wants to sit in your lap ...running at you full speed. She is a sweetheart but so hyper. I built a pin for her to go outside when its nice weather. I have really been working on my web pages since its state finals time. I also to the okusawrestling.com web site and our church site wwfirstassemblyofgod.com and decided to change both of those sites to flash sites. Joey is coming home for spring break tomorrow and I am on vacation so we will be going to Colorado to spend some time with my sister. My niece has really been sick and just got out of the hospital today, after a week stay. She got a virus on her brain and was paralyzed on her left side. The doctor said she should have a full recovery in a month or so. we have really been praying her her. Madison really wants to see Alice in wonderland 3d, So that will probably be something we do. I want to see Avatar so we will probably do that too. We haven't been to a theater in 4 or 5 years so it will be a new experience for Madison. Next up for the Millers: 3/27/10 we take Madi to USA Folkstle nationals in OKC. Hopefully Joey will get released in a few weeks and get to wrestle again...its been so long since we saw her wrestle. That's it for now Jerry


Madison is wrestling !!!!

My youngest daughter (Madison) has decided to give wrestling a chance again. She wrestled 3 tournaments last year and won 1 match. She practiced every practice with our local club and really does work hard. The problem is she dont like to be in a crowd or out in front of anyone. We'll this year she decided to give it another go. Last week we bent to Kansas to wrestle and although she wrestled really good didnt win a match (She did have 2 no shows). She came close on one of the matches but got caught and was pinned. She doesnt have the killer instinct that her sister Joey had. She told us monday she wanted to try it again this weekend and wanted to do regionals the next week. Wish us luck. At least the snow we had is melting. Last week we had a snowstorm and traveling to the tournament was really slick. I will let everyone know how it goes this weekend. Jerry


FCF Fight

We went this weekend to see our first Freestyle Cage Fight. It was brutal. a guy got his arm broke and another got kicked in the face. Lots of blood too. We went to see Cheyenn Stokes (The wrestler whe traved all over the US with Joey and I when they was younger). Cheyenne was a good wrestler that won alot of tournaments through the years till she tore the MCL (i think). She have been out of wrestling for a couple of years but decided to give cage fighting a try. It was her first match. she fought a girl that was 2-0. I dont rember her namen but she was really good. Cheyenne fought hard but ended up getting choked out in the second round. It was good experience for Cheyenne and i expect her to adjust her style and will do good in her next fight.


Happy New Year !!

Hope everyone had a great new year. We had a great year last year. after Christmas Novell, Madison, and I went to Branson Mo. for vacation. It was a great time. We saw Jim Stafford (I dont like spiders and snakes, fame)Madison loved it and didnt want it to end. We spent Christmas with my son (Frank) and his family in Tulsa. We hit a snow and ice storm on the way to Tulsa, with about 25 cars in the ditch on the way there. I drove our car and Novell drove Joeys car (Joey dont have much experience on ice). We had a great time with 3 of my 4 kids there. Joey left around noon on christmas to drive back to Oklahoma city. I wanted her to get there befor dark beause the snow was really bad. They had just opend the road back up earlier in the day. I locked her 4 wheel drive in and sent her on her way. about 6 hours later (Is usually a 1 1/2 hour drive) she call and said she was home. A truck had run her off the road so she was in the ditch for awhile till a nice man stopped and pulled her out. I hope the truck ended up it the ditch somewhere down the line. She is ok but was really scared. When we got up the day after christmas we was that there was alot more snow and I got stuck in my sons driveway. After we got out we was Missouri bound. Between Tulsa and the Missouri line , there was around 50 cars and trucks in the ditch, jack knifed, or on their tops. we went slow and made it safe. I am glad to be home and back to work. Good news yesterday. Joey was released to run so the road back to wrestling has started. I hope she will be back in April or May. I cant wait. Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Christmas and has a safe and Happy New Year. Jerry


Items Not on My New Year's Resolution List

It is typical this time of year to prepare a list of resolutions for the coming year. I believe this goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden when Adam said to Eve, "I think I'll turn over a new leaf this year." And so the tradition has come down to us today. Normally, people will make a list of all the things they will give up during the ensuing year. All kinds of bad habits find their way on the list like smoking, drinking and other nefarious activities. Of course, nobody actually plans to keep his New Year resolutions but the act of writing them down on a piece of paper seems to give a sense of accomplishment to people. One of the big things on the resolution list has to do with diet and losing weight during the coming year. I have often wondered why this seems to be number one on most of those New Year resolution list. Even Yours Truly has succumbed in years past to attend this resolution on his list. This year I discovered why that is so high on people's list. It begins with Halloween and all of the candy that is consumed. Now, there is a purpose behind all of this. And it is only recently that I have put it all together. And to my loyal reading fans (both of you) I would share with you the wisdom of my muse. The reason it starts with Halloween candy is that candy is sweet. This sweet serves to prime the pump, so to speak, for the eating frenzy that is about to begin. Approximately 3 weeks following the Halloween candy blowout comes Thanksgiving. When our forefathers did a Thanksgiving dinner, they had to chase the turkey down and kill it themselves. Following that, they had to pluck the feathers, clean the turkey, stuff it and get it ready for roasting. All of this activity burned up all the calories from the Halloween candy frenzy. Now, all we do is pop it into an oven and the most activity we have is bending our elbows to see how fast we can get the turkey from the plate into our mouth. Even though this activity is quite strenuous it actually burns no calories whatsoever in the process. If it was just the turkey it would not be so bad, but nobody can eat turkey without all the culinary accoutrements. Roast turkey without a generous slice of pumpkin pie is the closest thing to blasphemy that I know. No sooner has the Thanksgiving dinner settled in our stomach, it is Christmas time, and all of the parties associated with Christmas. Nobody can refuse a Christmas party with all the delicacies that had been so meticulously prepared. When I go to a party, I think it rather rude not to indulge in the party snacks. I like to join organizations right around the October keeping a sharp eye out for the annual Christmas party. Soon after the New Year, I dropped out of that organization. Call me a slacker, if you wish, but in my book, the Christmas party is worth the subterfuge. Then there is the marvelous family Christmas dinner. Need I say more? So we come to New Year’s Eve. By this time, everybody has eaten so much that hardly anybody can take another bite. Not only that, but many people feel guilty for eating so much during the holiday season. Others, like me, are made to feel guilty for eating so much during the holiday season. To deal with this sense of guilt many people make a New Year's resolution to go on a diet during the coming year. Many years ago around this time of the year, I made a drastic tactical error. It had been a particularly good holiday season with many parties and Christmas dinners. I was feeling rather expansive at the time and sighed deeply and said, "After all that eating I should go on a diet." Quick as a wink the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage took that as a cue and responded, "I think that's an excellent idea. That will be your New Year's resolution for the coming year." And so it was. I quickly learned that such resolutions come with a great deal of superfluous supervision. Every time I turned around my wife said, "How is your diet coming?" Of course, she knows exactly how it is coming because she is the one who was supervising this aspect of my life. When going out to eat at a restaurant she was most helpful in supervising my ordering by observing, "You can't order that because it's not in your diet." There are many things that will not show up on my New Year's resolution list and the number one item that will not be there is dieting. Gone from my vocabulary are such phrases as, "Boy, I've eaten too much tonight." Or, "After eating like this I should go on a diet." I am not sure God is quite as concerned about my eating habits as other people are. I like what David writes in the 23rd Psalm. "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over" (Psalms 23:5 KJV). When God sets the table, he expects me to feast, and I do not anticipate disappointing Him


They Stand Alone

What sport makes the demands on the individual that amateur wrestling does? When a boy or girl walks onto the mat, they stands alone. No one will run interference, no one will pass him the ball when he is under the net, no one will catch a high fly if he makes a bad pitch. They stand alone. In other sports, where individual scores are kept, the contest is determined in time, distance and height. But in wrestling, the score is kept on a girl or boy's ability to overcome an opponent in a hand to hand contest. Where a two second interval at any time can mean a loss or a win. If an opponent gains an advantage, there will be no help, no substitue; there will be no time out and all can be lost in two seconds. Yes, they stand alone. There is no place on a wrestling team for the show off or the halfhearted. When the whistle blows, a boy or Girl puts their ability, determination, and courage on the line. We who are close to the young men or women on our wrestling teams have watched the range of human emotions from elation to heartbreak. We have seen coaches with tears running down their cheeks as they try to console a young man or women who has given their all...yet lost. Wrestling is a tough, hard sport, it is the survival of the fittest. The young athlete who enter and stay with the team know this. They also know that when the time comes and the whistle blows.....THEY STAND ALONE!


Update on Joey

As most of you know, Joey had her shoulder opperated on in November. It is the other shoulder than the one that was opperated on in High School. She is healing good and is doing therapy on it so she will be ready to wrestle in April or May. It has been tuff not following her around the last few months.

My Blog

This is the new blog I added to post and answer any questions you might have for me as a father of a female wrestler(Joey).I created wrestlegirl.com and have been updating Joey's page for 11 years. I will also use the blog to let everyone know of any new news that I have pertaining to womens wrestling that is not on the news page.